Friday, December 2, 2011

Grittibänz, Röti, Schoggi

rows of Swiss chocolate in the grocery store

So I'll admit that after we went through the sticker-shock of Swiss prices, we didn't eat out a lot of fancy dinners. I have come to the conclusion that you should not visit Switzerland as a student, but when you have made it big (aka have a job, or an income over 3 digits/month). But we did get a few tips from a friend of mine (thanks, Lina!) and did eat out a few places.

Tibits in Bern, where you can eat from the great salad bar, or order sandwiches

Lötschberg Restaurant, Bern

And of course the pastry shops...

We kept seeing this funny little man everywhere, the Grittibänz, which I guess is a speciality for St. Nicholas Day (Dec 6th).  So cute. It seems to be a simple brioche dough, decorated sometimes holding twigs. We also saw some dressed-up Nikolaus men, giving oranges to children!

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  1. Will have to show these to the Kinder on Tuesday!