Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dresden, Part III

Our first stop today was over the river to the Pfund's Molkerei, the "most beautiful cheese store in the world." And it was! Sooo pretty! The walls were covered with painted tiles from Villeroy & Boch.

Then we walked over the bridge, back into the old city to see everything in the daylight.
Michael being an eskimo. (It was chilly and windy!)


inside the Frauenkirche

And we ended our trip to Dresden with a visit to the Konditorei Kreuzkamm on the Altmarkt for some Kaffee und Kuchen. I had Dresdener Eierschecke with hot raspberries and whipped cream, Elisabeth had Herrentorte (layered marzipan and cake, with chocolate covering), and Michael had Sachertorte. We had to wait a while for a was a busy place on a Saturday afternoon!

Haha, and this picture to the first I didn't even recognize myself. Michael wanted a picture of how we walked through the city. Kathryn always leading the way and Elisabeth tagging behind, following my red hat and trying to keep close in the crowds. Can I just say: she hasn't looked at a map, left the house alone, or changed physical money this whole trip. She has her Schwester! If anyone wants to do a two-person twin study on us, it's fascinating how our our personalities have developed complementarily. I am a bossypants and like to control everything...Elisabeth enjoys sitting back and enjoying the ride...letting me make all decisions and lead her around. (P.S. Elisabeth would like to point out that she is perfectly capable of doing the above things...she just doesn't need to.)

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