Friday, August 31, 2007

in Saarbrücken geknipst

a really small street:

die Ludwigskirche:

das Schloss:

tower of the Ludwigskirche:

Yesterday I walked around more, saw the old part of the city (of which not much is left after a pair of world wars...) and planned my trip to Köln (Cologne). I will stop in Koblenz for a night, where the Mosel River flows into the Rhine. In Köln I have a meeting with all the other American Fulbrighters, where we do really exciting things like talk about health insurance and opening up a bank account. Yeah. Then I went out with my housemates last night to a bar with lots of students (because there were Cocktails zum halben Preis!) This city has an amazing nightlife.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photos von Saarbrücken

meine Straße:
My apartment is on this street; I can't tell you exactly which building from this picture, but towards the left. It's on quite a busy street, but my window overlooks the Innenhof (courtyard) in the middle of the block. I am on the third floor and live with three other people, sharing a kitchen and bath.

This is on the St. Johanner Markt (marketplace), where I bought local zucchini today!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Klick-klick: Tour de France

Ja, I biked to France. And the "klick-klick" means I also tried out my new clipless pedals (which clip in). But let's start with yesterday:

Yesterday Tobias gave me a little tour of Saarbrücken. We bought some truffles and crepe (can you see the French influence yet?) and I am starting to be able to orientate myself a bit. He also took me grocery shopping, which took a long time because I love being in foreign grocery stores. It's just so interesting what they have and where it comes from. Good things: NUTELLA, good bread, German müsli, Kaffee. Questionable: meat in Europe (bird flu, anyone?). But there is a weekly farmer's market right by my apartment that I will have to check out next weekend.

Die Saar (the Saar River):
Then we went on a little bike ride with Johannes, another roommate, to the University campus and back down along the river. We stopped at a Biergarten and had a few Bierchen. How much more German could it get? :) What a great first day. And I certainly slept well.

This morning, after my Müsli and Kaffee, we went biking again, this time to France. From Saarbrücken to Sarreguemines(FR) it is only about 15 km.

Then we went west to Diebling, north through Behren to Forbach, and back to Saarbrücken. All in all, it was 52 km. Quite a ride. We stopped at a French grocery store and bought good (ie stinky) French cheese, wurst, baugette, give us sustenance for the ride home. It was really fun. The landscape did change quite a bit. And with that I mean throughout the ride, not between Germany and France. Because I really couldn't tell. I kept asking whether we were in France yet or not. :) But as soon as we rode through a French town THEY WERE SPEAKING FRENCH! How hilarious is that? I just can't believe it. Cross a line and the people speak a different language. :) Tobias said they speak German, too, but only if you address them in French. :)

Well I have to walk into town to get a few things, but I would already say that bringing my bike along was worth it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Angekommen in Deutschland!

So, maybe each post title should be a little German lesson. Guess what this one means. "Arrived in Germany!" Twenty hours since my parents dropped me off in Minneapolis, I am in my apartment in Saarbrücken, typing on my computer. Germany is no third-world country. Sorry, Elisabeth, but I think of you every time I enjoy a modern convenience/meal. But anyways...

For the next few months I will be living at Paul-Marien-Str. 24, Saarbrücken 66111, Germany. So write to me if you feel like it. And enjoy how much postage costs, because here's it's teuer.

Funny anecdotes from the trip: A travel group of probably 20 Germans was on my flight. They apparently all memorized the lyrics to "Wild Thing" and someone had that song as their ring tone. So twice they all broke out into song, including guitar motions, to "Wild Thing." Hi-larious.

I sat next to a really nice couple from Poland on the flight. We tried speaking English...which didn't really work, and then German...which didn't really work, and then the woman told me she spoke French better, so that was our language of communication.

Well, this is a boring post. So here are some pictures of my room and my view, with hopefully more to come of Saarbrücken! You'll notice my extra heavy large suitcase, and my bike box, which the airlines actually took pretty good care of (and which was easier to carry than the suitcase).