Tuesday, December 6, 2011

einen schönen Nikolaustag!

Today we  opened the Adventskalender and got a little marzipan Nikolaus man! By the way, this is the best Advent calendar in the world. Marzipan every day from Niederegger Marzipan in Lübeck. lecker...

Below: adorable German children dancing/singing to the classic Rolf Zuckowski "Guten Tag ich bin der Nikolaus" (maybe the German equivalent of Raffi...)

Guten Tag, ich bin der Nikolaus. (Guten Tag, guten Tag.)
Mit dem Sack geh ich von Haus zu Haus. (Guten Tag, guten Tag.)
Es gibt viel zu tun, es gibt viel zu tun,
ich hab keine Zeit, mich auszuruhn.
Guten Tag, ich bin der Nikolaus. (Guten Tag, guten Tag.

my sister with her little Nikolausmann (although I'll admit I had to go to four bakeries to find him...so maybe not such a traditional thing as in Switzerland!). I didn't tape the dancing, but I can ensure you Elisabeth danced around just like those little boys... :)

(below) German Wurst shop: "Our gift idea for Nikolaus: Salami in a Christmas coat/casing"

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