Tuesday, December 13, 2011

from our kitchen to yours...

...Happy St. Lucia Day!

I wish we could send the scents of freshly baked Lussekatter your way...cardamom and warm yeast bread...nothing better! Our family used to celebrate our Swedish heritage this day with our mormor and morfar, bringing them rolls and coffee, and pepparkakor early in the morning, before the sun rose. It's the darkest day of the winter in the old Swedish calendar. And it's pretty dark and rainy in Berlin these days...

Mormor and mom, this is for you!  Lots of love!


  1. I have made these many times...but yours look SO much more delicious than mine ever have! The kinder wore the Lucia crown and gown today...and had pepperkakkor!

  2. Oh, your lucia buns are beautiful!
    Thank you for sending them to me.
    I was just telling some ladies today how my granddaughters would come to us with them

    Love mormor