Friday, December 30, 2011

Berlin: Sinfonie der Großstadt

Tonight we saw Walter Ruttmann's classic 1927 film Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt, with live musical accompaniment by the two-man electro band from Berlin Tronthaim.  I had seen it before and really wanted to see it again. My eyes just couldn't get enough. The editing is really fast, and the techno music works really well with the fast-paced scenes of city life. The film is divided into 5 acts, starting with the beginning of the factory working day, and ending with nighttime entertainment and leisure. The film opens with a train pulling into Berlin's main station, and trains, trams, buses, cars are a major theme of the film. It's just amazing to see how the streets looked, what people wore, what children wore, the various hats and shoes...and all the differences in the lives of the working class and the middle classes. It's also amazing that cars and horses co-existed at this time, and makes for chaotic streets!  I really love this film with this accompaniment...They seem to play regularly in Berlin, and it's a really unique event. Below is a short clip: "Berlin - Symphony of a great City" from TRONTHAIM on Vimeo.

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