Sunday, January 8, 2012

no strollers, no dogs, no crocs

This was found on the escalator at the KaDeWe: No strollers, hold the hands of children, no dogs, and NO Crocs-Gummiklochs. Ha!
Certainly not because they should be banned from the fashion world ...what kind of safety hazard is this?

A quick google search reveals: there have been many incidents worldwide of people getting stuck on escalators, the soft material getting caught in the "teeth" of the escalator. More here: Health warning over 'dangerous' Crocs

I also found it interesting because Germany seems much less worried about lawsuits in general. But funny, look how they blacked-out "crocs" from the sign. They probably aren't officially allowed to call them "Crocs." Also, in terms of German, I think the spelling "kloch" is a misspelling of "clog".

This, seeing the woman with stroller and woman with child reminded me of a gender-PC traffic pedestrian light we saw in Dresden. Usually it's a man. Interesting, although I'm still not sure the dress/pigtails symbol is making gender progress. Picture below, with a picture I found from a "Gender Mainstreaming" project in Vienna (right): 

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