Friday, January 13, 2012

Effi 2.0

 Berlin's Maxim Gorki Theater put on this really cool project on Monday, "Effi Briest 2.0" on Facebook. I didn't catch it "live" but visited the site later and it's really fun how they play with the text. They invited members to "watch" the play, and interact through "likes" or "comments" at various points. The goal was to generate interest (and hopefully attract younger viewers) for an upcoming production of Fontane's famous novel at their (actual) theater.

I think something like this could also be really fun and productive to use in class, because it helps you think about the text in new ways. They use some real quotes from the text, and also play with the characters. Although I like on-stage theater to stay close to the text, I have to admit I was amused to see Crampas and Effi flirting through emoticons and reacting with "WTF".

"we can't begin until the theater is quiet.." (haha)
This is how they opened the "play": "Ab jetzt gelten die Hausregeln, bitte beachten Sie diese aufmerksam und widerstehen Sie dem Reflex, etwas zu kommentieren oder zu liken. In wenigen Augenblicken geht es los... wir müssen noch ein paar Zuschauer einladen...Aktualisieren Sie die Seite regelmäßig, um nichts zu verpassen."

Here are some more funny examples from the "play". (A bit out of order, sorry)
mother, telling Effi that Innstetten has asked for her hand
viewers voting on a wedding dress for Effi

Where are the letters?

Here is the link to the entire "production." 
A link to more about the production in English. 
And some press in German. Der Tagesspiegel, „Gefällt mir“: Fontane als Facebook-Theater

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