Thursday, January 26, 2012

Espresso Konzert II - Klavier

After going to last month's Espresso-Konzert at the Konzerthaus with Jessica (harp music), I really wanted to go back again. How can you beat this? 5 EUR for a 45-min concert (which, with encore, is about 1 hr), and a free coffee! This month it was a pianist performing, a young woman from Armenia. She started out with classical Mozart, and ended with a few more contemporary Armenian pieces. We sat on stage, right behind the pianist in this gorgeous room, and it was so much fun to watch and listen to her play.  Next month is viola!
Yes, the sun was actually peeking out on Gendarmenmarkt (Konzerthaus on left)


  1. What a GORGEOUS building...those chandeliers!!!!!

  2. Es ist aber wunderbar!!!