Tuesday, January 3, 2012

e-books: Fluch und/oder Segen?

A local, independent book store on Friesenstraße in my neighborhood has a cute little window display debating e-books. The sign in the middle reads "E-Books: Curse and/or Blessing?" The little dwarfs on the right have signs that say "E-Books sind doof!" [E-books are stupid], "Echte Bücher!" [real books], and "Zum Anfassen! Blättern!" [to touch, and to page through!]. The wild animals on the left have signs that say "Keine Bäume für Bücher" [no trees for books], "Für den Fortschritt" [in the name of progress], "Modernes Lesen" [modern reading], and "Olle Kamellen," which is an old slang expression for "old, boring news".

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