Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I saw this sign at a stand at one of the Christmas markets, inviting customers to pay in D-Mark (which has been replaced by the Euro since 2002...).

I asked the guy behind the counter if anyone had actually paid in D-Mark, and he said, "schon einige," a few.

It's almost funny, in light of the fact that you hear the buzzword "Eurokrise" (Euro-crisis) a million times a day these days!

Here you can take a quiz about how much you know about the Euro (in German). How many countries have the Euro? How many different 2-Euro coins are there? Who designed the bank notes? What is the life span of paper bills? (I failed.)

Interesting: How many D-Marks are still in circulation?
Answer: More than 13.3 billion D-Mark. (They explain that it's often not because people are collecting them, but because they hid them or forgot them.)

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  1. Do you think recent (within 100 years) hyperinflation makes the German people especially wary of a currency crisis?