Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cranberries: "Die Power-Beeren aus den USA"
How you can tell a holiday is truly special... hasn't been commercially exported from the US to everywhere. (Halloween, Valentine's Day...NO. Thanksgiving...YES. Truly special.)

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I was sorry I couldn't be with my family, but we had a wonderful time with new friends here in Berlin. Who all cook amazing food. It was a tasty, tasty feast. There were 4 Americans and 4 non-Americans in attendance, so explained things like "Oh, Americans don't eat big meals in courses...they have firsts/seconds/thirds of everything." and "Yes, they watch football on the holiday. You all eat, and then you lay around groaning and watch TV. It's a family day!" And "...and then people go out shopping. Some of them. And stand in line at 5:00 am to get a deal..." Oh, our country. :)

I like how inclusive Thanksgiving is. It's not like you can't believe in it. Who doesn't believe in being thankful? Although it may have dubious origins in whatever kind of origins myth with pilgrims and's a pretty good thing as a thankfulness-feast. In Germany, where patriotism is problematic, and there are no legit stories of national origins, all of their national holidays are religious (specifically Christian)...except New Years. It's nice that the US has these holidays that also support the national narrative of inclusivity and togetherness, and "melting pot" or "stew" or whatever. Germany (and Europe in general) is still trying to work out a narrative of "Multi-Kulti" that works for their increasingly diverse 21st century population.

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