Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cappucino, Milchkaffee, Espresso, Kaffee...

This is a pretty little coffee I got at the French place at the Markthalle. Coffee is interesting here...From my general impressions, I think the "coffee to go" trend has really picked up in Germany during the last few years. In the US it's pretty common and you even see people with portable coffee mugs, which I rarely ever see here. (If it's "coffee to go," it's in a paper cup.) But my impression is still that people take the time more often to sit down at a café to finish their drink.

Brewing at home: In the US, you can grind your own beans at pretty much any grocery store and it's pretty common to buy whole beans and grind your own at home. I don't know how many people own coffee grinders here (we don't have one in the apt), but here it's hard to find places to have beans ground. Makes me wonder what people are drinking at home?

Also interesting what kind of drinks are "trendy"... I used to hear people ordering Milchkaffee (German version of café au lait), but now (young) people seem to drink Latte macchiato.

And coffee machines are much more common. Sometimes you have these vending machines for coffee drinks, which are not as common in the US.

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