Saturday, April 28, 2012

summer in April

It's summer in April! Or at least, it feels like it! Michael and I went to the market this morning, I planted some herbs out on the balcony, and it was starting to get HOT. Oh, it feels so good to have weekends like this after such a gray winter! (My Schwester knows what I'm talking about...)
When it hit 30 degrees (86 F) today, I was swimming laps in the outdoor pool in Kreuzberg, the "Prinzenbad." They have 3 pools there, two 50-meter pools and a big non-swimmer pool with a little slide and stuff for kids. It wasn't too busy, and there were a lot more serious swimmers there. I saw this one woman who looked like an Olympic athlete. Crazy fit.  I dipped my toe in the "Sportbecken," and couldn't believe how cold it was. I dove in and literally lost my breath. GLACIAL. 15 C (59F). I'm from Duluth, and I've swum in cold water...but I couldn't handle it.
The other pool wasn't too busy, and the temp was 25 C, so I swam in there. :) The cold pool had literally 5 people, including a guy with a neoprene wetsuit! I might have to tough up though if it starts to get busy. Today was the opening day for this particular outdoor pool, and for a couple others in Berlin. It's a 5 minute bike ride from home though, so really convenient, and 2,50 EUR for students. 
I took some pictures of the neighborhood this afternoon.  Almost all the leaves are out on the trees, and people were eating outside, lined up for ice cream, enjoying the weather.

kids getting wet, playing in some fountain


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