Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 5 - Mainz

Fastnachtbrunnen - Carnival Fountain

 Today we explored Mainz. We had a great breakfast at a cafe near the Dom... Hot chocolate, Muesli...little Frühstück... Then we walked around the town. First, we walked bz the Schillerplatz, with the Carnival Fountain - about 200 figures from the Carnival. Then we walked to St. Stephen's Church, with staiend-glass windows by marc Chagall. Then back through town...along the Rhine Promenade...A highlight of the whole trip: the Gutenberg Museum. Johannes Gutenberg is known for inventing moveable type, which revolutionized the print and printmaking industry. It was a great museum. We got to see a little film (in German!) and also a demonstration of how the historical printing press worked. The exhibits showed different printing technologies from Gutenberg's day (15th Century), through the Renaissaince, Baroque and Industrial Revolution. It was fascinating and they had great exhibits of old antique books and artifacts of various printing techniques. Afterwards we stopped in the print shop across the street and some little kids made us a print of the city of Mainz. For dinner we went to a place that had all kinds of Flammkuchen, an Alsatian speciality with super-thin crust, a bit like pizza, traditionally with creme fraiche and bacon and onions. We got all different kinds...and split a few bottles of Riesling.. (it's the second-to-last-night, after all!). 

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  1. Die Bilder sind gänzlich ausserordentlich!!!!! Deutschland! Deutschland! Über Alles!!!!