Friday, April 6, 2012

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns...

 Easter is right around the corner, and I've been craving some hot cross buns. All week I've been looking forward to baking today. My mom used to get them every year for Good Friday. I remember as a kid licking the icing off and not always wanting to finish the bread. :) I've been seeing some kind of "Osterbrot" [Easter bread] for sale in the German bakeries, a white bread with bits of fruit inside. It seems like a similar dough, but not the right shape, and no icing! I did a little internet research on German Easter breads, and it seems like light, fluffy yeast doughs are the thing for Easter, preferably formed into lambs, bunnies, or braided into wreaths. Yum! Aparently also baking "Easter lambs" is a can buy a special baking form for it. There are over 122,000 hits for this recipe for the form. Funny, and freaky (see photo below).

The photo left is my first success at homemade hot-cross buns!  (Admittedly: the first batch was rock-hard and had to be thrown it's my second try and they are soooo good...light and fluffy and with the perfect spices! mmm!)

Good Friday (Karfreitag) is an official national holiday in the libraries, archives, stores, grocery stores, post office, bank...everything is closed. When I went to the grocery store yesterday the egg department was looking pretty sad and empty. :) Everyone getting their Easter eggs!

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