Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kathryn die Zuckerschnute (Torte, Torte, Torte)

In high German there is no translation for "sweet tooth," but in the north German dialect they say Zuckerschnute (literally: sugar mouth). I had so much fun trying all the different tortes and specialties of the north!

In reverse order chronologically, but starting with the crème de la crème:

Lübeck, Café Niederegger, Herrentorte Display case in Café Niederegger

Below: the famous Marzipan-Nußtorte from Café Niederegger, Lübeck

Below: Café Claussen, Nebel auf Amrum, Preiselbeersahne-Torte with a Pharisäer, coffee with rum
Below: Norddorf auf Amrum, Café Schult, Friesentorte

Below: Hamburg, some amazing pastry with marzipan, raisins
Below: Hamburg, Waffel with Eierlikör (egg liquor) and whipped cream

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