Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Berlin Randomness

Below: Mohrenstrasse U-Bahn Station. After the war they took the red marble out of Hitler's Reichskanzlei (the government building he had built for himself) and put it into the U-Bahn station. Below: Ad from Kentucky Fried Chicken in Germany, an example of the rampant Anglicisms in the German language, which are most commonly found in advertising, the business and technology sectors, and in youth slang. "Chicken" is not a German word, but here they have it used gramatically as if it were, in the compound words "Chickentag" (chicken day) and "Chickenteile" (chicken pieces).

Below, the trend of getting coffee "to go" like at Starbucks or whatever, has slowly been making its mark in Germany. This coffeeshop, however, doesn't quite understand that "Togo" is a country, and "to go" the correct designation for Kaffee zum mitnehmen.
This is a slide in a movie theater. Seriously. The theater was on the second or third floor, and one option to get back out is to take a slide...Here is Michael at the bottom.

They also had "Rutschregeln", rules for the slide. But still, the last one is to "run upstairs and do it again." I feel like in the US such a thing would not be possible due to our lawsuit culture... Correct me if I'm wrong. :)And another Berliner Randomness: After Michael Jackson's death the Germans were sadder than the Americans. Seriously. This is just one example of a totally random little shrine...On Alexanderplatz next to this clock that shows the time all around the world, they started putting pictures and notes and memorial candles.

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