Thursday, July 9, 2009


North Sea island of Amrum, 20.46 km² small...and such beauty. Surrounding the island are white sand beaches, exansive stretches of beach, especially at low tide. And then dunes, mountain-like partially covered with grasses, and then a forest in the middle. The island is about 10 km long, with four little villages. We lived right in the middle, rented bikes, and biked everywhere. It was so gorgeous everywhere you went, totally idyllic with the old brick houses many with Reetdächer (dark straw/thatched roofs).

The water was definitely a bit warmer than Lake Superior, but refreshingly cool.

Here in the background the typical style of North Frisian roof (this area is called Nordfriesenland, part of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany today).
Amrum has one of Europe's largest sand beaches. It is dotted with the typical Strandkörber, beach baskets you sit in to soak in the sun and be protected from the winds, which can be very strong here on the north sea.
Dune landscape.

Amrum lighthouse in the background

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