Sunday, August 5, 2012

running in Berlin

 This weekend I did my first 15-mile training run in 2 yrs as I build up in mileage training for the Detroit marathon. My running partner here, Kristie, published an article in Trail Runner magazine (in the June 2012 issue) about trail running in Berlin. She did a lot of good research but I had to almost laugh at the idea of trails in Berlin. Most of the larger forests are on the outskirts of the city (so I haven't even been to them, as they are too far away for daily runs), and there is hardly ever any elevation change. But there are a few nice parks and areas to run here within the city. My standard run was a few loops in the nearby Hasenheide park (one loop = 2 miles), or running out on Tempelhof airport (1 loop = 5 mi). For long runs, I like to go out along the Landwehr canal, and then over to the Spree, where Treptower Park offers some nice forest. (That's also where I did my triathlon in June.)  But yeah, I'm looking forward to increasing miles at my parents' nature reserve in Duluth, and along the Huron River in Ann Arbor. Urban running can be interesting - you can see historical sights, people-watch, etc - but pounding the concrete gets old after a while. And in Germany the sidewalks are made of stone, which I feel is even harder on the knees than blacktop or concrete.
Tempelhof loop
running with Elisabeth in December in the Tiergarten
I did four races this year: Berlin Half marathon, 10K, Hamburg Half Marathon, Berlin Sprint Triathlon
So yeah, running in Berlin is a big part of my memories of this year, and every time I've lived in Berlin. When running you do get to see a lot of the city, and almost every run you have some kind of strange experience. But I do look forward to having more nature, and more real trails to run on! And my running partner Jessica!

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  1. Fräulein Physische Schicklichkeit bist du!!!!!!!! Du müss mehr als 24 Stunden in einen Tag haben!!!