Wednesday, August 1, 2012

poetry in Tempelhof

I biked by these "billboards" once or twice, and then yesterday I ran by them and took the time to stop and read. And it might have been my runner's high, or the strange weather, or the fact that I'm leaving Berlin soon...but they really struck me and I got a little emotional. I think it's a great project.

The show is called "Echoes of Voices in the High Towers," by "post-situationist" UK artist Robert Montgomery.   Read an interview with the's really great...
one quote: "But finally and just in general I love to think of the city as “Wild Land” as much as I like to read it like a history book. I think that’s a really liberating idea, to feel the wind in the city, to feel the rain on your face, to feel the dirt under your feet under the concrete. The city as Landscape, as somehow an always untamed place."

artist's site: 

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  1. Diese habe ich nimmer bevor gehört.