Thursday, August 2, 2012


This is what I see when I walk out the front door. Through my sunglasses.
 It's pretty surreal sometimes. Thursday I was really feeling the urge to make the most of my last days and go out and enjoy the neighborhood and have some cake. The coffee might have been a bit much in the heat...oh well.  Turning left down Willibald-Alexis...
Some neighbor has a little sidewalk garden. Nice.
This is the nearest grocery store: a chain organic supermarket. Look at all those bikers going by...
Walking down Bergmannstr...This café is always so popular because they get lots of sun.
I ran some errands: toothpaste, the bank, some wedding and baby cards, then biked to this great little Kuchen place on Yorkstr., Mr. Minsch. They only have outdoor seating, which was fine because they made a little sidewalk garden, too, and it was hot out. Biking felt good because at least then you get a breeze!
I chose the plum almond tarte. The crust was almost like pie crust. I could do that - I think.
Coming full circle, biking back home down Bergmannstr. the other way, from Gneisenau.
I'm gonna miss this city.

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  1. Mein Herz hat die Angst für dich - ihre zweit Heim oder yetzt vielleicht zuerst!!!!