Thursday, July 8, 2010

WM, part IV

headline of the BILD Zeitung (really trashy, but really widely read paper, I always get a kick out of the melodramatic headlines while walking by the newsstands):
So they already start talking about 2014.

A different paper reported on the outbreaks of violence on the "Fan-Meile," where 350,000 German fans gathered to watch the game in front of the Brandenburg Gate. There were 52 people arrested. But what didn't occur (which had happened after every German victory) were the lines of cars driving around with flags and honking through the city.

Other headlines: a 17-year old drunk fan was fished out of the Spree with a blood-alchohol reading of 2,27 Promille...fell from a bar along the water.

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  1. wow...thanks for a "world" view of the World sad for exciting for Spain.

    I am wondering how the Germans took the fact that Mueller was unable to play?