Friday, July 23, 2010

tschüß Berlin, until next time

So I have now been back in the USofA for two days...It's always strange to come back. I always gain a different set of eyes after an extended period away, even if it's only two months. For example, I couldn't believe the well-manicured, sprinkler-system green lawns (as unnatural as bleached white teeth)...or getting free ice water without asking at a restaurant (yes!!). And I am still surprised to hear the people on the street speaking English when they walk by. But mostly it does feel like coming home. And while there are always things that I miss, it is home, and I just feel privileged to know two countries so well and be able to look critically and un-sentimentally at both.

Well, I guess this is the end for now. I have uploaded a ton more pictures which I never got around to posting about...and maybe if I ever feel inspired in the meantime I will write again. Otherwise, tschüß, auf Wiedersehen!

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