Friday, July 23, 2010

German playgrounds

Reasons why German playgrounds are the BEST:
1. every one is different, no pre-fab plastic pieces here
2. they are super creatively designed, using more natural colors and organic shapes
3. they include really fun (dangerous) activities
4. they are everywhere

I didn't take enough pictures, because they are literally all over the place, but these are just some examples. I jogged by a plastic, run-of-the-mill playground in a park today in Providence and was reminded of these pictures I still had to post. I bet you would get sued in the US for playgrounds like these or something. Don't really know how else to explain the incredible superiority of the German Spielplatz to American playgrounds.

These pictures do not do it justice. I always walk by them and wish I had my camera. Here are a few more from the web:

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