Friday, July 23, 2010

Berlin graffiti

Looking back through my pictures, I saw a lot of Berlin graffiti pictures I still wanted to upload. Also because it's something I've been thinking about since being back in the States.

I have the sense that graffiti in Germany is received much differently than in the US. I know it's different in huge cities, New York and Chicago have their share as well, but even in small cities in Germany you will see it all over.

Maybe it's because the art/vandalism debate is different? Is graffiti perceived differently? I remember reading about this once and the source said that the police cracks down more on bigger crime and ignores stuff like this. And maybe I should differentiate between street art and "tagging." Some of this stuff is really amazing!

this was the door to our apt building, in a pretty nice, quiet residential area.

pretty sure this is by the street artist Banksy, on an old WWII bunker in Mitte.

below: I think this is Karl-Marx-Straße in Neukölln.

below: also in Neukölln, residential area

anti-BP graffiti

below: I actually took this picture because I thought it was so amazing that the sign for the park was in both German and Turkish, then noticed that you could barely read the sign because of the graffiti. But anyways, the first point is amazing. I bet no other German city has this, but maybe I'm wrong. (neighborhood of Neukölln)

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