Monday, April 28, 2008

small anecdote

Michaela and I were biking yesterday, and I reminded her that everything is going to be closed in Germany on Thursday, because it's May 1, "Tag der Arbeit", the day of work.

Michaela's response: "If it's the day of work, shouldn't the people be at work instead of have the day off?"

Just then some guy we were biking past responded, "NOO!" in this flabbergasted tone. Ha, those Europeans...


  1. Shouldn't that be "anecdote"? Oh, ze shame, ja! ;)

    Now... considering that on this day you ought to celebrate all that hard work that germans do (/are supposed to do/...), isn't it obvious that you need a holiday to do it properly?

  2. Brings to mind another oxymoronically named holiday called Labor Day. ;)

  3. in the east, the day is called maennertag. i've heard dudes get drunken free reign of the town, and i've been advised by multiple female colleagues to STAY INSIDE. eeeek.

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