Sunday, April 13, 2008


More text later...these are just some pictures while I'm waiting to have time to write thoughtful commentary.
Fernsehturm (TV Tower, icon of East Berlin) on Alexanderplatz, looking towards Rotes Rathaus (city hall, red brick building on left)

Below: Brandenburg Gate looking down on Pariser Platz.
My amazing friend Katie ran the Berlin half marathon on Sunday, so we cheered her on from the sidelines.

Plaque on Bebelsplatz, where there was a Nazi book-burning. Quote from Heinrich Heine reads: "That was a prelude. Only where people burn books do they ultimately burn people." Below: Holocaust Memorial with German Reichstag building in the background (actually titled: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe)
Remains of the Berlin Wall: In certain spots there is this row of double bricks marking where the Berlin Wall used to stand.

Ole Reunion!

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