Thursday, April 3, 2008


So these are one of my favorite bakery treats, they are called Puddingschnecken, or snails with a vanilla pudding filling and raisins. mmmm....lecker! I am going to spend the next three months perfecting my baking skills so I won't have to live in the United States without German baked goods. You will all benefit from this.

Also, I wanted to share this picture with you, because after all my travels in the US, I got to Frankfurt airport, came down the escalator to the train platform with a high-speed ICE train departing and thought "Ah...back in civilization..." where people know what public transportation can be... I have hope for the US. I do. I hope you all realize this is the future and where we need to be headed. Imagine a high-speed train between Duluth and Minneapolis, or Chicago-Ann Arbor-Detroit. Cities like this should be connected. Okay, enough of me on my soapbox. But think about it. I experienced Amtrak while in the US and was happy to have any train at all, but had to laugh comparing it to Germany.

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