Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April April!

So, today is April Fool's Day, known as April April in German, and Poisson d'avril (April Fish) in France. ha. Those French...

I can't get over it. Seems so strange. And the tradition is so old they don't really know where it comes from (admittedly, my source is Wikipedia, so if you know better, let me know.) Here are some old French postcards with the "April Fish" theme:
I did get pranked at school by a sixth grader. Very harmless. She just gave me this look and pointed to my shoulder in a way which led me to believe I had a spider on me and freaked out. Of course she then yelled "April April!" Cute.

It's absolutely gorgeous today. Very spring-ish. Lots of birds singing, blooming and budding trees, and I even saw BEES! Is that a sign of warm weather or what?

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  1. I have also heard the expression "Aprilscherz" when an April Fool's joke has been played on you.