Thursday, June 14, 2012

in der Bibliothek

The images above are from some of the diaries I am working with. I'm rereading some crazy stuff from my fall archive visits. (Random fact of the day: One of the reasons why German civilians were relatively well off during the war was the presence of forced laborers in Germany. There were an estimated 8 million forced laborers in German factories, private households, restaurants, hotels, etc.. The sources I am reading often mention them as "the foreigners," and German civilians were afraid of revenge attacks at the end of the war.)  Anyways...Trying to cram in work before my parents arrive (but as this post demonstrates, only partially successful). Had to go to the FU today to try to sort out my heath insurance (that's a nightmare but I won't go into it), so I came to "the brain" to work, the Philologische Bibliothek.

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