Sunday, June 3, 2012

Berlin Triathlon!

 So today I competed in the Berlin Triathlon (sprint distance: 750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run). I was pretty nervous about swimming in the Spree River, as well as the general organization of the race, so I got there very early to check out the other waves before mine and make sure I understood all the transitions. Unfortunately I was in one of the last heats, so it got a bit late (started at 1:40pm), and started to rain towards the end. More not-fun for the spectators than for me. The light rain felt good on the run!
swim bike run
It was also my first time swimming in a neoprene suit. I rented one for 25 EUR and the guy said this model would usually cost 350 EUR. But I think they're cheaper in the US. It fit so well and was easy to swim in. I was worried it would choke me or be hard to move my arms limiting my swim, but it was great. And although the water was cold, I didn't really feel it. I also wore two swim caps to keep warm. The water was 17 C (62F). It also didn't feel dirty...maybe it was, but there were some lily pads and stuff, so at least there are signs of life. :) It was an in-water start. Michael got some pictures of me jumping in (below) and waving (before the race started). Then  you kinda lose the swimmers cause they all look exactly the same...Except for the few brave individuals who didn't wear a neo.

 I was really afraid of the bike course because it's a pretty tight loop you have to do 4 times, but traffic really thinned out and I was alone for good portions of it. Which is good, because I didn't crash, which was one of my main goals.  Drafting was allowed, but men were not supposed to draft off women and vice-verse. That was pretty hard to avoid. I think I was guilty of it, and one guy in particular was very leech-y and stayed behind me until I slowed down so he would get the point and move on.
There were way more men than women (I think they said 25% women). I finished in 1:22 (14 min swim, 43 min bike, 24 min run, including transitions), which was 4th in my age group women, 24th out of 76 women. My swim - if I understand the confusing results chart - was 42nd overall, out of 292 people. Too bad triathlons are never won on the swim. I wish they would double the swim distance. So unfair to the good bikers...but anyways, I was doing it for fun, and to say I've swum in the Spree! Something not many people would ever  do.. :)

 I have to thank my wonderful friends Emma, Anne, Andy for coming and cheering, my friend Simon for the bike (which I am borrowing all year while he's in Ann Arbor), other friends Synne and Brett for going out for Schnitzel afterwards, and of course Michael for being so wonderfully supportive and for taking all the great photos! :)


  1. Tante MargueriteJune 4, 2012 at 2:05 AM

    Beglückwünschungen!!!!!!!! Katrine, du bist eine Berühmtheit in unsere Familie!!!! und Michael! vielen Dank für alles die Bilder!!

  2. Congratulations! Good times/! Good for you, Kathryn!

  3. ...and great photos, Michael...thanks for blogging, both of you.