Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In and Around the Garden of Beasts

 This morning we got up early, had a nice breakfast on the balcony and headed into the center of town to see more of the sights. We started off walking down Unter den Linden, towards Brandenburg Gate. It's currently the backdrop for a huge soccer party, the Fanmeile (fan mile) for the Euro Cup. From there we went to the nearby Reichstag building, where we were registered to visit the glass dome at the top of the building. It was really fun to look over the city on such a clear, sunny day, and the architecture of the building itself is a lot of fun.

playing with the mirrors

Soviet Memorial
Holocaust Memorial

For lunch we decided to explore the Tiergarten and go to a Biergarten on a lake on the southwest corner. For this, we rented some bikes in order to cover the couple of miles there. It was a lot of fun to bike around the park this way. We had a nice beer and explored the area around the canal, the edge of the Zoo, and rode along Tiergartenstr., where there are now lots of embassies (and where the American ambassador used to live before WWII).


  1. oh the music is too funny - no dog? Me and Libby should have come...she's my little pretty

  2. Auntie MargueriteJune 20, 2012 at 4:21 AM

    Was ein wunderbar Tag!!!!