Wednesday, May 23, 2012

heiß. heiß. heiß.

This week it is getting hot. Coinciding with the last two weeks of triathlon training. I went to the outdoor pool yesterday- and even saw another guy swimming butterfly. :) I still couldn't handle the cold pool (17 C), but did a good 3K in the other pool.

And today I went to the Badeschiff (the pool in the Spree) with a friend, got some sun, enjoyed some awesome people watching.  I think 1 in 2 people in Berlin has a tattoo. At least. It was crazy.  A few characters out there. The pool is not a pool for swimming swimming, but for taking a dip and cooling off, and enjoying the view. You can see down the Spree to the Oberbaumbrücke and Fernsehturm, and it's pretty awesome. The pool water was pretty blue-green, and I kept looking over the side at the nasty river water...I will be swimming in that? Technically no photos allowed, for whatever reason, but I took a few steathily.  We got there around noon, and it got continually more packed...when we left there was a line to get in. Afterwards we got some Italian ice cream, house made and a scoop for 1 EUR - doesn't get better than that!


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  1. Tante MargueriteMay 23, 2012 at 10:39 PM

    Schlau Bild mit die Eis! - und blauen Nagelen!!! - zehr nett!