Sunday, May 6, 2012

A German obsession: Asparagus green and white
Germans are obsessed with asparagus. And when you say "Spargel", you mean the white kind, unless you specify "grüner Spargel". White asparagus is white because while growing, the farmers mound dirt up around the plant so it gets no sunlight. (Here is a link to some info about the nutritional info of green vs white asparagus.) It's very tender, but has to be peeled before cooking. The traditional way of serving it is with butter and potatoes, or hollandaise sauce, and potatoes. Ham is often served with it as well.
 above: at the market, white asparagus from the region
below: a really good salad I made with sauteed asparagus, arugula, corn, radish sprouts and feta

in the grocery store, a display for asparagus peelers, and asparagus napkins!

asparagus napkins
 below: two cafés with their Spargel specials :)

According to Wikipedia: China is the world's largest producer: in 2005 (5,906,000 tonnes), at a large distance followed by Peru (206,030 tonnes), and the United States (90,200 tonnes). ...The annual production for white asparagus in Germany is 57,000 tonnes (61% of consumer demand).
all of the current cooking magazines have a "Spargel" issue

Funny afterword: In the play I saw the other night (Dreigroschenoper), when the gangster Macheath is in prison, about to be hanged, they ask him what he wants for his last meal. He says "Spargel"! I couldn't believe it...I double-checked the text to make sure that was not just a joke. But it's true! Hilarious!

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  1. Tante MargueriteMay 6, 2012 at 4:16 PM

    Ach, wie köstlich!!!! und schön!!! Bestimmt wird Onkel Joe auch zu denken!!!! besonders das Spargel!!!!!!!!!