Monday, February 6, 2012

Minnesota temps in Berlin

So that winter that we haven't been having all winter...? Now we've got it. At least the cold. Tonight it's supposed to be -25 C (-13 F), a record low since 1987.

And we've been out in it. To the gym, the library, to eat Schnitzel. And made it home, where the heat is still working, Gott sei dank.
People walking on the Spree River (Berlin).


  1. Did you take this photo? LOVE it.

  2. And it's so warm here! Crazy weather patterns...

  3. No, I loved the picture, but not mine. I try to cite where I got it in the caption if it's not mine.

    And yeah, I've heard about the East coast having crazy warm temps, Minnesota has no snow...strange! "Global weirding!"