Sunday, October 30, 2011

Markthalle: a quick and delicious lunch

The Marheineke Markthalle is very close to where we live, and we are trying to make a point to try the various lunch options there as well. When you walk through the market hall, the inside aisle sells things like deli meat, cheese, olives, vegetables, bread...and along the outside of the market you have little stands that sell food. So lots of these "stands" have two sides. The French stand, for example, sells dried sausages, delicious French cheeses and patés along the outside, and they have a crêperie along the outside wall, where you can sit at their counter, or take a seat on a bar stool looking out onto the street. The same for Greek food, Italian, etc. And there's a little Bio (organic) stand as well.

Michael tried the burger from BioBuffet, and I got a galette complète, with ham, gruyère and egg.

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