Thursday, October 13, 2011

let's play a game

guess how much this trip to the grocery store cost?
leave your best guess under "comments" and we'll post the answer in a few days. :)
Answer: 26 EUR

2 Liters  organic milk, 1 Kilo onions, 3 cloves garlic, 300 g Speck (raw bacon bits), 1 bottle French wine, 1/2 loaf bread, 1 Kilo plums, 1 bag clementines, 1 butternut squash, four potatoes, 4 rolls, 4 tomatoes, bunch bananas, 1 lime, 2 containers of crème fraiche, 6 organic eggs.


  1. Unfortunately my knowledge of German grocery/market prices has faded with time...€25?

  2. way too much work to guess the cost...but everything looks good and I'd like to eat what you are making!

  3. it's a comparison of grocery prices! guess how much that would cost in the US?