Saturday, October 22, 2011

Amerika- food

This photo is taken from a "gourmet" foods market (in the basement of a large department store, Karstadt), where they also have lots of international products. This is the USA section: microwave popcorn, cake mix, marshmallow fluff, baking soda (yay!!!), and Swiss Miss (?).

Below are ads from the upcoming Lidl sales (Lidl is a second version of Aldi, a discount grocery store). I think I've posted on this before...they have regular "America" specials, here microwave popcorn, mini-brownies, bagels, corn chips...

And below is actually an ad from ALDI, for their upcoming USA items. Hot dogs in a jar. How appetizing. Note the "Trader Joes" label...Trader Joes is owned by Aldi since 1979, but they have nothing in common in terms of store atmosphere, products, image.

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