Monday, June 14, 2010

wandering in the Schwarzwald

So we went on this walk to the Ruine Hochburg, the second-biggest ruin in Baden-Württemberg after the Schloss in was really amazing, and you could wander all around and through the ruin, no entrance fee and few other visitors. At the top they had a little stand where they were selling wine from a local vineyard, too. I had a glass of Weißburgunder (pinot blanc) for 2 Euros or so.

below: a view from the ruin with the hilly Schwarzwald in the back

we had fun tempting fate along the high walls of the Burg...

below: you can see some of the vineyards on the incline, then fields

Michael trying to look like a cow

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  1. Wir waren dort!! und trinken an selben Platz am Festung Vervall. Ich habe eine Photo!!! - spater, werde ich finden.

    Ihre gunstig (ich habe keine umlaut Tastatur) Tante Marguerite