Sunday, June 6, 2010

Emmendingen im Schwarzwald

above: the Marktplatz, town square in Emmendingen, below the Altes Rathaus, where the Diary Archive is located where I did my research (third floor)

So while visiting an archive in Emmendingen, we are doing a bit of a short vacation in the Schwarzwald... The village we are staying in is truly a village. One main street which brings you to the next town, a school, a church...The houses are surprisingly dense together. And it feels really rural, with farmland all around, although the people really live in well-kept, close houses.

The horizon blurs into bluish green sillouettes of mountains, the Black Forest. The surroundig farmland has houses scattered into clumps of villages here and there, light-colored with reddish terra cotta roofs.

It's really hilly, lots of steep roads--and narrow! I can't believe they are two-way roads. And tons of bikers. Maybe since we're close enough to France there are people who are training? Or it's just a huge hobby of people, because we've seen everything from families out biking, couples young and old, more serious looking "teams" or groups of cyclists.

After being in Berlin it's such a total difference, so calm and quiet and everything is so clean and beautiful. The town has a Marktplatz, a real town square, with pretty pastel-colored houses surrounding, contrasting shutters.

Essen: last night at Kartoffel Hof...Michael: huge Jägerschnitzel with creamy mushroom sauce, potatoes on the side...1,5 Liters of Bier to wash it down. :) me: their specialty Flammkuchen...white wine from the region

Today: huge breakfast/brunch in the sun at a café, typical German breakfast of rolls with cheeses, meats, marmelade, a Frühstücksei [hard-boiled egg], honey, a bowl of and orange juice. That prepared us for a long day of hiking around the area.

Highlight: hike up to a huge ruin, where we climbed around and took pictures. It was an unbelievable outlook to the Black Forest, the villages below, and just a gorgeous sunny day.

Größere Kartenansicht

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  1. Katerina!
    Die Bilder sind aber wunderbar! (Ich habe keinen Umlaut an deisen Maschine oder ich das nicht finde so entschuldigen mich!!)
    Ihre Tante Marguerite