Sunday, June 6, 2010

journey: Berlin --> Black Forest, and German traditions

High speed train from Berlin to Freiburg, in the Black Forest. Northeast corner of Germany to Southwest...808 km, 6.5 hrs in the ICE train...and so comfortable. Pretty uneventful.

Then we changed to a small regional train to get to the small town which was the end destination...and along the way we happened upon a group of maybe 15-20 men celebrating a bachelor party...which is way hilarious in Deutschland: Junggesellenabschied. All drunk, all having a great time, and all wearing burlap sacks and drining out of a small plastic boot tied around their neck. They were carrying a few of those 5-Liter kegs.

The guy to-be-married (named Christian) was dressed up like a joker, in a full-body costume, and had to carry around a variety of things to sell people to earn beer money for the group. They were singing, had music, a loudspeaker... And we ended up in their compartment in this small, non-air conditioned train for 45 mins. It was pretty funny actually, also when the train controller came through to check tickets. He had a pretty good sense of humor about it, but told them not to drink while the train was moving and asked them to keep it piano, as there were other people in the train. Oh man, I love traditions like this. hilarious.

I've been on the Marktplatz before when women were celebrating, too. They are always all dressed up, the whole big group, and sell things to people.

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  1. Liebe Katerina!!!
    Der Schwartzwald ist aber prima! It brings back so many, many fond memories. I wish I could be there forever!!! Auntie Marguerite