Thursday, June 4, 2009

Zoo, Ku'Damm

Another area of the city is the area around the Zoo, with one of the biggest shopping areas, a street called Kurfürstendamm ("Ku'damm" for short). One building which stands out is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, which is left half-destroyed as it was after the war, as a reminder of the damage and destruction. To the left and right of the ruined church are new buildings, with beautiful stained glass. At night they glow bluish from the outside.
Below: Lots of people out shopping
Here is also the biggest department store in continental Europe (Harrods in London is bigger), the KaDeWe, which stands for Kaufhaus des Westens (KDW), Department Store of the West. They have a huge gourmet foods section on the sixth floor (the size of two football fields?!).

This used to be West Berlin, and in 1950 when the store reopened after the war, there was such a flood of people that they had to call in the police to get them out and only let in a few at a time. (picture below) It was a symbol of the thriving capitalism of West Berlin while the city was divided. And what it looks like today:
Here is a New York Times article in case you are interested in the food in this place.

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