Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Strangeness

This is a campaign poster for a political party running on the platform of trying to get Bavaria out of Germany. It says "Don't you also want to get rid of Bavaria? Then vote for the Bavaria Party. For a Germany without Bavaria."
Maybe you have heard of Aldi or Lidl? They are two discount grocery stores, which now also have branches in the US. Every week they have different specials, and this coming week is like America-Week, with "American" products on sale, including "Amerikanos with Curry Dip" (chicken strips), "Hot-Ketchup" (what?!), "Amerikaner," which are actually cake-like cookies I have only seen in German bakeries...
And best of all...Corn-on-the-cob in a can! (ew)

In the grocery store in the canned foods section they have a mix of peas and corn which is called "Florida Mix." Don't understand that...

Also, we saw a bus with text on the side reading "THERE IS NO GOD". If you look closer it says "THERE IS (with almost certain probability) NO GOD". We also ran into a woman nearby handing out pamplets as a counter-action, reading "But in case there IS." (Und wenn es ihn doch gibt)

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