Monday, June 8, 2009


This Sunday was the "Environment Festival" in Berlin, which took place between the Brandenburg Gate and the Siegessäule. There were different stands by environmental organizations and political groups, also artists, and farmers, beer brewers, organic foods stands.
Below is a poster from Greenpeace, against genetically modified milk:
Below: steak in a Brötchen (roll), roasted potatoes with quark. Beer from Potsdam (outside Berlin).

We also got to watch a chef for a while...It was funny how the audience interacted with him. One woman stood up at some point and grabbed one of the bottles of oil he was using to look at it. It was a plug for organic cooking.
At one point we listened to a panel for a while (on the stage behind the cook) of various politicians from Berlin talking about pedestrian traffic/bike traffic/public transportation. It was really interesting. Berlin is totally bike-friendly but they were talking about how to make it even more to redesign intersections so pedestrians and bikers have priority over cars, lowering speed limits in residential areas and near schools to reduce noise, making the buses more efficient, etc.

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