Saturday, January 19, 2008


This week was the Max Ophüls Film Festival in Saarbrücken, a good chance to see lots of German films from young new directors. Friday I saw a series of short films on the theme "Love and Doubt" and then in the evening 2 mid-length films. Really cool, creative pieces. And since it's a film festival, a lot of the "team" members are there--directors, actors, scriptwriters, etc. So they talk and then answer questions after the showings. Saturday I saw a documentary called "Luxembourg, USA" about how Americans today celebrate their heritage, in this case Luxembourger heritage. Sunday I saw the winning short film, "Dunkelrot", and a regular feature film "42 plus". All in all, super event and I'm really glad I went to lots of films. This week we might take the tram to France to see "Into the Wild," since in Germany it's dubbed and in France it's not. Not that I have anything against German (I hope you know me better than that) but I think it's so important to see a film in the original language.

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