Wednesday, January 16, 2008

16. Januar 2008

So, I haven't written in a while. But I have a good excuse: nothing exciting has happened. Well, not to say that my daily life isn't exciting. Because I think it is.

I started a new job, working after school at the GaR (Gymnasium am Rothenbühl) doing the same sort of thing I do after school at the DFG. Which means I am almost working normal people hours! 8:00 to 4:00? (okay, sometimes it's 9:00 to 4:00...but teachers have homework, too!)

Cute story from school:

This one little girl (I can only assume she's French since she addressed me in the plural you in German....Seid ihr aus England?) asked me if I know Paris Hilton. Seriously. And when I said "no" she asked me, "Don't you know any stars?" Honestly, 15 minutes later they were talking about Hannah Montana (and I almost didn't catch who they were talking about because it sounded like Hah-nah-moan-tahn-ah)...and I made a knowing nod when I realized who they meant. Same girl asks me, "You know?" And I said, "Yeah, of course." And she studied my nod for a sec, "Really know her? Or know her like we know her?" AH! NO! I DON'T KNOW ANY STARS! They're all obsessed with High School Musical, so if I knew Zac whateverhisnameis that would be best.

It has been unusually warm in the fifties. I lost my scarf so it can stay that way as far as I'm concerned.

This week there is a big film festival going on in Saarbrücken. Unfortunately, it is coinciding with a bad cold. Last night, after weighing the 5,80 I paid for a ticket with the coziness of my bed, I decided to listen to that inner mother in everyone's head and stay home. And today I took my first sick day. And now, after lounging and drinking tea all day, I don't have a problem with getting out of bed twice to go to the cinéma, sorry, Kino. This afternoon I saw Polska Love Serenade, and later tonight I'm going back to see a series of short films done in New York. I love this kinda thing. Good (hopefully) European films...that more likely than not will never make it to the US. But who knows?

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