Tuesday, January 29, 2008

cute mistakes

So today I taught a fifth-grade class parts of the body and then we played Simon Says. It was really cute. They asked me "How do you say Knie in English?" (Knee), "How do you say Kinn?" (Chin), etc. And then they had to write it down, and I would spell it in English. Afterwards we put the words on the board so they could see if they spelled them correctly. Mostly they did, but the mistakes were adorable. A lot of them misspelled "Foot" as "Food" because they have a hard time distinguishing between "d" and "t". :)

Another funny mistake from this week: I gave them the assignment of writing about where they would like to travel to in the US and what they would like to do there. This one kid wrote that he wants to go to a National Park because he likes nature. He would like to go hiking and fly dragons. I was confused and thought maybe he meant catch dragonflies...but then a teacher looking over my shoulder realized he probably meant fly kites, because the German word for "dragon" and "kite" is the same (Drachen). Interesting...mistakes like that are really insightful.

Speaking of funny translations, look at this picture Jake Boyce took in China, of a translated Emergency Fire Escape Route. The English is hilarious.

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