Friday, September 21, 2007

random Germanness, Teil I

note how the Smart cars can be parked alongside the street perpendicular to the other cars. So small...
This picture above is for my sister. Wodka.
This says something about the differences between American/German culture. Could we ever have billboards with condoms in the US? No. This campaign was already going on when I was an exchange student four years ago. Clever slogans/word plays with condoms. This one says "Überlebensmittel", in German "Lebensmittel" is a word for groceries (like potatoes) and "überleben" means "to survive", so it's saying that you won't get AIDS and die if you use condoms.
I saw these dresses in a department store in Köln and just had to take a picture. I mean, really! That's just too hilarious! And note the mannequins below. I mean, granted it might be for tourists because Cologne has a lot of tourists, but in Bavaria they will wear this stuff for holidays, and Oktoberfest is right around the corner...

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