Thursday, September 6, 2007

Koblenz: wo die Mosel den Rhein trifft!

Last Friday I took the train to Koblenz, a city where the Mosel River flows into the Rhine. It was a beautiful train ride. First it went along the Saar River, then along the Mosel into Koblenz. The river valley was surrounded by vineyards, which you can see in the pictures. Really cute little German towns right on the water, boats, castles on some of the was really gorgeous!

I got into Koblenz, had dinner and then trekked up to my hostel. I stayed at a place called "Festung Ehrenbreitstein", an old fort up on the cliff above the city. I took a bus and then had to walk up a very steep path 20 minutes. Here was the view: You can see where the two rivers meet, which is called "Deutsches Eck". Today there is a memorial/monument there symbolizing German unity.

Koblenz itself had a really beautiful Innenstadt, downtown. It rained off and on, so I took refuge in a cafe and had some Pflaumenkuchen, as plum cake is now in season. :) While it rained I also visited the art museum, which had an exhibit of Keith Haring's work. Then I took the train to Köln!

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